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A New Beginning - 25th March 2019

I’m a terrible person who hasn’t been on the site for over 2 months thus meaning i haven’t posted in over 2 months. i am deeply sorry. :(. i actually missed so much and i’m really annoyed at myself but it’s all good coz I’m here now. let’s call this a new beginning. I’m thinking of putting the blurbs of the books i quote in the description (if it is a book i quote). If you think this is a bad idea let me know in the comments. So the first new quote is here. let’s kick off with Dry by Neal and Jarrod Shusterman (the book I just finished). also I did the typography myself so if it looks bad, I’m sorry.




Welcome back!

26th Mar, 19

I just realised there's a book on your blog's background called 'This is the Book Title'. Sounds like a great read ;)

26th Mar, 19

I’m actually reading this at the momement! I’m really enjoying it.

26th Mar, 19